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London, (states/regions/territories), United Kingdom
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awkward silences, bad hat harry, bang, belt buckles, captain slow, chuck the plant, colbert nation, common rotation, craigy ferg, custard, dhp, eye candy, felix castor, gdl, green ties, hiphopopotamus, hodges/wendy, houseandwilson, i still love rtd, indeed sir, jay and silent bob, king ianto, ky, lab rats, lemon curry, lemon zinger, lucifer box, mark gatiss for twelve, meat is murder, monkey island, noblet/jellineck, pipe-smoking men, poo poo pictures, red mugs, rhymenoceros, rigormortis rock, rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock, rsl, rtd, schrödinger's cat, scratchy beard, shut it love actually, sir ian, smodcast, snoogans, socks, soupy twist, stephen's jewish friend, stopwatches, tea od, team coco, the bugle, the fucker, the innuendo squad, the oncoming drizzle, transmogrification, troika, truthiness, tucker's law, vetinari's terrier, wheaton's law, wingmen for life
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